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We designed expimont with simplicity in mind — we deal with the complicated jargon, you grow your company.

Application Firewall (EXWAF™)

Our next-generation web application firewall (EXWAF™) shield your web property against malicious requests.

OWASP Top 10

OWASP top 10 identifies the top 10 most prevalant vulnearabilties, we protect against all of them and more.

Deep-packet Inspection

We perform deep-packet analysis to ensure that the requests reaching your backend are legitimate.

Bot detection

We stop bots and headless browsers with different security techniques such as our propietary captcha technology.


With locations all around the world, no matter where your website is accessed from, it will load incredibly quickly.

Application Layer

We protect against these sophisticated attacks by distinguishing between humans, human-like bots and hijacked browsers.

Simple to sophisticated

No matter the complexity of the attack, from flooding to more advanced techniques such as cross-site scripting, we block them.

IP Reputation System (EXREP™)

Using machine learning we are able to always stay up to date with latest security threats and prevent them.

IAM Management

With our IAM team management system you can invite team members and give them specific roles in your web applications.


We provide you with the capability to adjust the security settings of your web application.


Using our simple but at the same time sophisiticated dashboard, we provide you with details regarding recent attacks and more.